Succot 5774 - AFYBA's trips to Sussya and
Gush Katif
Sep 23-24, 2013

AFYBA has invited their membership to two trips in Israel, hosted by YBA Sussya High School for Environmental Studies, and YBA Yeshivat Hesder Neve Dekalim.

Event Highlights

Remembering ancient Judea - Monday, September 23rd, 2013

On Monday, Sep. 23, YBA Sussya High School for Environmental Studies sponsored a "Remembering Ancient Judea" tour in the Hebron Mountains region, featuring visits to ancient Sussya, modern Sussya, Mitzpe Yair, and Ma'arat Hamachpela. The participants explored ancient caves and tunnels, learned about Jewish life in Eretz Yisrael during the Mishnaic period,
and tasted prize-winning wines from the local Yatir Vineyards.

In the afternoon, the visitors were given a tour of YBA Sussya's unique "green" dormitory, which was constructed with state-of-the-art energy saving technologies and even generates electricity using solar panels and a wind turbine. The tiyul culminated with a visit to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

Remembering Gush Katif - Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

On Tuesday, Sep. 24, YBA Yeshivat Hesder Neve Dekalim sponsored a "Remembering Gush Katif" tour in the region surrounding the Gaza Strip, featuring visits to Kfar Maimon, Netiv Ha'asara, Nitzan and Ashdod. The participants tasted exotic fruit grown by Reuven Rosenblatt, the first mayor of Gush Katif and learned about Jewish life in Gush Katif until the traumatic expulsion in 2005 and the efforts to rebuild the lives of 1,800 families since then.

In the afternoon they viewed the security fence on the Gaza Strip's northern border, visited the "caravilla" site where Gush Katif residents still live while building their permanent homes, and greenhouses where the famous "Gush Katif" brand insect-free leaf vegetables are grown, and toured the construction site of the new Yeshivat Hesder Neve Dekalim campus in Ashdod.