“A teacher teaches facts, an educator imparts values,” says Rabbi Beni Nachtailer at Awards for Excellence event…

The YBA network held a special in-service training and recognition day for secular studies teachers in the first week of December at UBA Amana in Kfar Saba. Hundreds of faculty members from the network’s 57 yeshiva and ulpana high schools came together for a day of enrichment and to honor one outstanding teacher in each subject of secular studies.

“We consider each of you not only a teacher, but an educator,” Rabbi Beni Nachtailer, the YBA network’s Director General, told the assembled faculty members. “We are gathered here to express our appreciation for the work you do to educate our students and to strengthen the Jewish values that YBA stands for – Love for the Torah, the Jewish people and Land of Israel.” 

YESHIVOT BNEI AKIVA - Training Israel’s Future.TM

IDF Military Intelligence turns to YBA for Cyber Security Unit recruits

In today's Internet dominated world, Cyber Security has become the IDF's highest priority. The IDF Signal Corps Unit 8-200, which is charged with the task of Military Intelligence, has grown to become the  the largest unit in the army, and is given first priority (above all combat units) in choosing the most appropriate inductees,

In its continuing efforts to expand the pool of potential manpower for the highly specialized Cyber Security unit within Unit 8-200, the Defense Ministry has turned to YBA to launch yet another pilot project - this time in conjunction with six YBA network ulpanot (girl's high schools) and the Bat Ami National Service Organization (Sherut Leumi).

The program will be administered by the Israel Center for Excellence in Science and Cyber Technology. Eldad Cohen, the center's director explains: "The participating students will undergo two years of special training designed to meet the needs of the Military Intelligence during the 11th and 12th grades. Those girls who successfully complete the program will be placed in operational positions in Unit 8-200 in the framework of Sherut Leumi, instead of as IDF inductees.

General Director of YBA, Rabbi Beni Nachtailer, added: "This program will allow religious girls the oportunity to serve the state in a very significant and challenging volunteer capacity within the defense establishment following graduation."

The participating YBA network ulpanot  include: Amana, Kfar Saba; Yeshurun, Petach Tikvah; Orot Modiin, Modiin; Tzfira, Tzafariya, Chen Bamidbar, Beer Sheva; and Hashomron, Elkana.