YBA Supports Olim

YBA schools allocate resources towards helping olim integrate.

Several schools, such as YBA Modiin provide students with ulpan—Hebrew language support—for several hours a week. Students also receive free tutoring and other academic services to help them gain Hebrew language skills.

More than 25 families who recently made aliyah chose to send their children to YBA Givat Shmuel. Amazingly, two of these students participated in the National Bible Contest for Olim, a contest that features challenging questions on Jewish holidays and religious practices.

Binaymin Mazos won 7th place in the contest, and Dan ben Chamo, who made aliyah from France only two years ago, won first place!

“I’m happy and proud to be part of the Jewish Nation and Yeshivat Givat Shmuel,” Dan told his rosh yeshiva.

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