Bnei Akiva Student Exchange Program

Bnei Akiva Student Exchange Program

High school students from Bnei Akiva of Toronto enjoyed spending a month as students in Bnei Akiva schools in Israel.

As part of an annual student exchange program, Canadian students attended classes, spent time with host families, and visited historical sites.

Students from both countries benefitted from this enriching experience.


The Importance of Continuing Education

At Bnei Akiva, we believe in educating our educators. Teachers who are aware of the latest educational research and techniques can maximize their ability to connect with students.
To support this goal, 100 Bnei Akiva educators recently attended a Shabbaton in Jerusalem. The Shabbaton addressed many educational topics while offering encouragement and insights to teachers.


Jewish Unity

In the face of national tragedies, Jewish unity is essential.

Students at Bnei Akiva schools were deeply saddened to learn about the horrific shooting that took place in a California. Discussions and special prayer groups were held to discuss this tragedy.

Groups of Bnei Akiva students also attended the funeral of Zachary Baumel a”h, fallen IDF soldier whose remains were returned to Israel after 37 years.

By supporting each other through these sad events, students learned that the Jewish Nation is a family.