Hi-Tech Farming Agri-Tech

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Hi-Tech Farming Agri-Tech

Innovation and flexibility are important components of a successful curriculum, as demonstrated by a new class offered at Yeshivat Kfar Haroeh, a Bnei Akiva school.

For many years, Yeshivat Kfar Haroeh offered a class in Agriculture that focused on planting, the harvesting process and other traditional farming techniques. In today’s age of technology, student interest in the course was dropping: most students think of agriculture as an irrelevant and archaic subject.

This all changed when Yeshivat Kfar Haroeh transformed their Agriculture class into an Agritech course. Agritech harnesses technology to improve agriculture, and this curriculum shift has made all the difference.

“The combination of hands-on work and the use of technology really attracts students,” says Yigal Zevy, coordinator of the Agritech program.

As students learn about technology and agriculture, they are also discovering more about the impact they have on the environment. This awareness helps build a sense of personal responsibility, an important step towards building the leaders of tomorrow.