YBA Closes Out Another Strong School Year


As the 5778/2017-18 school year draws to a close, Yeshivot Bnei Akiva is celebrating some remarkable achievements. Our high school for boys in Modiin was recognized for the Education Prize, the top honor granted by the Education Ministry. This makes it two consecutive years for YBA institutions in Modiin, as last year our girls' high school, Ulpenat Orot Modiin received that award. The network also grew physically, as two new schools joined the YBA family: A Yeshiva high school for boys in Nahariya, and an Ulpena for girls in Bnei Dekalim, a Yishuv that consists largely of former Gush Katif residents.

We hope everyone enjoys vacation, and we look forward to the opportunities of the 5779/2018-2019 school year!