The True Joy of Purim: Students of YBA Netiv Meir Raise Funds for Wedding of a Couple in Need

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The highlight of the year in any Yeshiva High School in Israel is the "Hachtara" the great pre-Purim celebration organized by the 12th grade which turns the school upside-down with fun and silliness. This year, however, as they were raising the funds for their celebration, students of Yeshivat Bnei Akiva Netiv Meir in Jerusalem began to ask themselves: Is this really the best that we can do with the money that we raise? After holding a grade-wide meeting the students decided to put their efforts towards an even greater, and perhaps even more joyous cause: Helping a couple in need pay for their wedding. They soon were introduced to a young couple with no family in Israel- the groom to be is a new Oleh, while the bride is a convert, who truly needed assistance paying for their upcoming wedding. In an interview with Chanel 13 news, the students described how they have mobilized a major fundraising effort, including taking to social media and crowd funding to put together this special wedding. The YBA network takes pride in our students who are motivated by a sense of social responsibility, and values driven activity. They show us all what the true joy of Purim is about. If you would like to participate in the crowd-sourcing campaign, please visit:¤cy=ILS¤cy=ILS&id=3787&locale=he