Remembering Gush Katif : YBA Students Participate in "Masa Kissufim

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Remembering Gush Katif: On Monday, January 22, 4000 young people from Religious-Zionist schools participated in the annual "Masa Kissufim", during which they visited communities that surround the Gaza Strip, viewed and heard stories about Gush Katif from former residents. Later they gathered at Shlomit, a Yishuv established after the disengagement, where they were addressed by leaders including YBA chairman Rav Chaim Druckman, who called students to action by saying "For generations, Jews longed for the Land of Israel. Now is your turn to play a role". Elchanan Glatt, CEO of YBA commented that events such as these show that while the evacuation of Gush Katif was tragic, it was "a break that built. The young people who participated in this trip are the future of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel, they are the next pioneers." The trip was capped off by a concert in which all of the students participated.