YBA Supports Olim

YBA Supports Olim

YBA schools allocate resources towards helping olim integrate.

Several schools, such as YBA Modiin provide students with ulpan—Hebrew language support—for several hours a week. Students also receive free tutoring and other academic services to help them gain Hebrew language skills.

More than 25 families who recently made aliyah chose to send their children to YBA Givat Shmuel. Amazingly, two of these students participated in the National Bible Contest for Olim, a contest that features challenging questions on Jewish holidays and religious practices.

A Unique High School

Environmental awareness, sustainability, recycling, eco-friendly activities—although this sounds like an ad for Earth Day, it’s actually a description of the curriculum at Ulpanat Arad.

Ulpanat Arad is a YBA high school that teaches students to respect and care for the environment. Students explore nature through a series of regularly scheduled hikes, workshops and electives such as photography and geography.

Woven into the curriculum are special projects that focus on nature preservation. For example, 10th graders at Ulpanat Arad spent several hours cleaning up Nachal Ye’elim, a beautiful hiking trail that’s unfortunately covered in trash. The girls have additional ideas for beautifying Nachal Ye’elim, beginning with an outreach program that will educate visitors to respect nature.

Another YBA school—Yeshivat Sussya—runs a parallel program for boys.


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YBA Soccer Stars


In addition to individual students who excel at sports, YBA schools are also sports champions:

In a recent soccer competition that featured  30 teams, YBA Ranaana won first place in a soccer competition, and YBA Matteh Binyamin won second place!

Hi-Tech Farming Agri-Tech

Hi-Tech Farming Agri-Tech

Innovation and flexibility are important components of a successful curriculum, as demonstrated by a new class offered at Yeshivat Kfar Haroeh, a Bnei Akiva school.

For many years, Yeshivat Kfar Haroeh offered a class in Agriculture that focused on planting, the harvesting process and other traditional farming techniques. In today’s age of technology, student interest in the course was dropping: most students think of agriculture as an irrelevant and archaic subject.

Shavuot in the Five Towns

Shavuot in the Five Towns

This past Shavuot, members of the Five Towns community got a taste of Torat Eretz Yisrael as three of YBA's leading educators, Rabbi Dr. Yona Goodman, National Director of Education, Rabbi Shlomo Kimche, Vice Chairman for Public Affairs, and Rabbi Amir Edrei, Head of Ulpanat Tzfira, spent the holiday in the community and delivered tens of shiurim in synagogues, private homes and high schools.